Innovative Lives: Rodney Mullen and Steven Sebring 360


What happens when a “modern-day Muybridge” and the “Godfather of Street Skating” join together to collaborate inside of a confined 23-foot diameter geodesic dome? Absolute magic, of course!
As a photographer, filmmaker, artist, and inventor, Steven Sebring is pushing creative and technological boundaries to explore the human form from new perspectives. As one of the world’s most influential skateboarders in history, Rodney Mullen creates and performs tricks that no other person can conceive, much less execute. In 2016, Steven and Rodney embarked on an adventure combining their expertise and creativity, pushing themselves and their respective disciplines far beyond existing boundaries. Their creation, Liminal, is a beautiful and visually stunning film about movement, passion, and the human spirit.
Please join us for a special screening of Liminal, followed by a conversation with Rodney and Steven, in an unforgettable evening about what inspires innovators to imagine and create.

Click on the link below to register, it’s free and we hope you’ll join us!

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