Skate Girls Tribe Surf Camp – Not Your Stereotypical Camp By Pia Saclauso

Beaches, surfing, and bonfires —  if you think that was all Skate Girls Tribe Surf Camp had to offer, you are only partly right. I spent a week at SGT Surf Camp, and the best word to describe my experience there would be “RADICAL!” 20622578_804878809690258_1156139798_o

Cape May, New Jersey was our main location. We stayed in a really cute beach house that made me feel like I was on vacation. Every morning, we would head to the beach which was only a few minutes from our house – some of the campers even rode their bikes, longboards, and skateboards. Peter, our surf instructor, taught us how to catch and ride the waves at the Jersey Shore.

Taking break from surfing.

He had a really laid-back, chill, and positive personality, so this made everyone feel encouraged to learn. He made the surfing experience awesome and campers were eager to catch the perfect waves despite all the wipe-outs.

Alexa surfing
A couple times – rain or shine – we visited Wildwood Skatepark. We even played a game of SKATE at a Hockey Rink.


We also went to Wildwood Boardwalk where we played games at arcades, ate funnel cakes, and even rode on the roller coasters! We also went to pizza restaurants at the boardwalk for dinner, and spent time going around the shops and looking for souvenirs.


We shared so many great moments not only at the beaches and the boardwalks, but at our beach house as well. We all got to help out on the responsibilities in house. Some campers cooked pancakes for breakfast. Tati made delicious dinners. And some campers would help out with setting up the table, washing the dishes, or sweeping the floors. Peter made sandwiches. We learned to adjust and to accept each others differences, and make the best of it! Skate Girls Tribe Surf Camp was not just about going surfing or skateboarding as a team. It is like being in a family and sharing good memories whether we are playing a sport or just eating meals together!



Thanks you sPACYcLOUd for making Skate Girls Tribe Surf Camp possible.