Just Kicking It Saturday’s – Skate Girls Jam

Just Kicking It Saturday's

Skate Girls Tribe & SPACYcLOUd launching “Just Kicking It Saturday’s – Skate Girls Jam Day”!!!
Where: Rockville Skate Park
When: 3pm every Saturday until it gets cold starting on 10/17/2015
Who: All levels – All ages
We hope to see many girls come out
***Looking for big sisters/brothers to help us out with basic instructions

For questions email info@spacycloud.com



Ron Allen

Legendary Ron Allen will be in Washington DC this Saturday, September 13.

Ron will be holding a contest for kids in Washington DC at the Shaw skatepark at 3pm.

There will be lots of prizes and giveaways.

Skate Girls Tribe will be there.

Sponsored by sPACYcLOUd.

Hope to see more ladies come out!


Ron Allen


Skateistan Awareness Part I Old City Farm | June 23 | Washington DC

Skateistan Awareness Part I – exclusive review by Diego Zazueta


I started the day by helping unload the equipment from the car. It was 2:00 in the afternoon and it was pretty hot. I primed the walls in preparation for the little artists. Peter from Albus Cavus outlined birds and flowers to make it easier for kids to start their artistic journey.

DSC_0066-1Exactly at 6pm we opened the gate and greeted our first guests. We had two ladies at the gate.  I offered them drinks and we all set in the shade to enjoy the nice afternoon breeze. After a few minutes Tati told me that the two women I was sitting with were world famous and pioneer female skaters Di Dotson and Patti McGee! I was completely blown away. Tati handed me a card that had an old cover of LIFE magazine from 1965 with a girl doing a hand stand on a skateboard. It was Patti McGee! I asked Patti if she would sign it for me and she did it happily!

Patti McGill

As more and more guests arrived the place began to glow with activity. Most of us were sat at the table area chatting and socializing.DSC_0151-1smaller As the sun went down and the day cooled off the fireflies came out to play with us. Around that time Bryan Ridgeway, who is responsible for bringing Skateistan to the US,  joined us in the festivities. It was such an honor to see Bryan at our event.

DJ Mate Masie

DJ Mate Masie from Urban Artistry was throwing perfect tunes for the occasion. Several people did break dancing. sPACYcLOUd gave away raffle prizes. After dark we moved to the lower level to watch the documentary: Skateistan. And boy was it interesting! It was an eye opening experience. It showed us a snick pick into the life of kids in Afghanistan and what they have to go through to get to school or work. Skating took their minds off of the hardships of daily life.  Through skateboarding kids made new friends. Skating tied everybody together. Boys and girls, different religions, and different nationalities all came together to skate in peace and harmony.  Skateistan is a good example for all of us. We do not need much to create a peaceful and happy community. It takes work but it is very rewarding at the end.


After the movie Bryan presented Tati with a signed copy of the Skateistan book.

Bryan Ridgeway

It was a long and hot day but it was totally worth it. I had such a great time meeting new people and hanging out with old friends. I hope that we do another event like this soon. Till then, keep dreaming the good dream and always remember to follow your heart. It will always lead you in the right direction. Peace.


Skate Girls Tribe will be part of Go Skateboarding Day in DC on June 21!!!


The first day of summer in Washington D.C. heralds the event of National Skateboarding Day celebrating the pure exhilaration, creativity, and spirit of one of the most influential activities of not only local, but global youth.  While skateboarding, invented in the 50s by surfers (wanting to ride the hills and valleys of the streets) is traditionally thought of as being typically male, there is no doubt a titanic rise of girls and women riding the crest of this empowering sport.

Bridge Spot in SE DC

Bridge Spot in SE DC

On June 21st, 2013 is the 10th anniversary of Go Skateboarding Day in DC and Skate Girls Tribe will be proactively participating.  While plenty of dudes will be grabbing their gear and backpacks for the event, we are calling out all dude-ettes whom show equal enthusiasm, athletic finesse and grace in their pursuit of the almost Zen experience of being in motion and defying conventions in celebration of freedom and youthful rebellion.

Our Tribe

Skate Girls Tribe’s point?  Girls can hold their own!  We have seen this phenomenon of female athletic prowess not only locally in DC and other metropolitan areas, but internationally in places as war torn and remote as Afghanistan.  The fact is skateboarding builds confidence, creativity, and a global spirit of not only girl empowerment, but unites and helps shape a vision of peace through the freedom of athletic and artistic expression

Skate Girls Tribe

Skate Girls Tribe, a DC based group, is sounding the summit, heralding the call to all girls out there to join the movement.  Join us for the event to reclaim the cause, show support for peaceful rebellion through an innocent activity, and hit the streets with exuberance, celebration, and girl power!

We start at Palace 5ive at Noon on the first day of Summer!