Nothing could have stopped us from having a good time. Not even government shutdown. By Ekaterina Nekrasova, 6th grader


The Skate Girls tribe team agreed to meet on Sunday at Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC. With a car full of people and longboards, we drove in excitement to the park and were disappointed when we saw blocked roads. We drove around for a little more and found a parking spot. All of a sudden, the park police came and made everybody leave the parking spot. At the same time, our fellow longboarders reported the same problem. We had to drive far away to find parking. People joined us as they found parking too.

Skate Girls Tribe
The park was full of bikers, roller bladders, hikers, and many more people. All living and breathing organisms were there. They did not stop living, even after the government shutdown. After a long week of school, work, and every day chores, we had the right to have fun. Nothing could stop us!

Skate Girls TribeSkate Girls Tribe
It was a very exhilarating ride down the hills at Rock Creek Park. Its oldest and largest trees top five-hundred years old. No wonder everybody is happy and content at this park. We met other people that were interested to join our tribe, and we welcomed them warmly. It was great to know that other people in DC wanted to longboard with us.

Skate Girls Tribe

After longboarding we went to the Meridian Hill Park in DC. Each Sunday people gather at the park to enjoy life, do meditation, play sports, and dance. As soon as we got to the park, we went to the drum circles. The vibe was amazing, with the people dancing and jumping to the rhythmic thumping of the drums. The autumn leaves, the light wind, and the sun coming through the trees made us feel as if we were in paradise. Everyone was happy. Then, people started noticing a big poster that said , “The park is closed because of the government shutdown.” Really? Do we need the government’s permission to have fun and celebrate life? Apparently so. We stayed at the park until the police arrived. Nothing could have stopped us from having a good time and enjoying our selves.


Join our tribe and stay tuned for the upcoming events at www.skategirlstribe.com. ~ Ekaterina Nekrasova


What is Skate Girls Tribe to Me?

Skate Girls Tribe

What is Skate Girls Tribe to me? Skate Girls Tribe is a group of people of all ages and genders, from different backgrounds with different skill levels that come together to spread love and peace through action sports and art. Our goal is to empower people and make them feel part of a community. The Tribe was created by street and action sportswear company, sPACYcLOUd, with philanthropic objectives. Our goal is to empower young women to become confident and independent, to simply have fun and lift each other up. Although the Tribe was created with girls and women in mind because we are so often underrepresented, the Tribe excludes no one, regardless of age, gender, and skill level. We want to share our love for skateboarding, longboarding, archery, art, and many other activities with the community and bring people together.

Skate Girls Tribe

Since being a member of the Tribe, I have had the opportunity to participate in philanthropic activities that benefit children in third world countries by donating my artwork and my time. The proceeds from these events have gone to Skatistan, an organization in Afghanistan that brings skateboarding, as well as healthcare and education to impoverished children. It is an honor to be a part of the Tribe and know that I can make a difference. My daughters have both gained confidence and shared many smiles and laughs at Skate Girls Tribe events. I have shared these smiles as well. Would you like to join us in laughter and love? All you need to be a member is an open heart and an open mind.


katangelinaPeace, Love, Skate Girls Tribe

Amy Louise Lauriano


Skate Girls Tribe at the A-Frame Challenge!!!

Skate Girls Tribe at the A-Frame Challenge – review by Tatiana Kolina

Skate Girls Tribe

Skate Girls Tribe joined other skaters at the A-Frame Challenge organized by Convoy Skateboarding and Alpine Skate Shop. The A-Frame Challenge skateboarding contest tested skills of the best skaters that the Washington DC area has to offer. The jam contest had 50 skaters pit against each other, for a 30 minute battle of grinds, gaps, flip tricks, rails and ledges. It was the first contest of its kind at Lake Fairfax Skate park.


Yoshi Tanenbaum

The top three tricks performed on the A-frame within the time allotted would win the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize. Yoshi Tanenbaum from Silver Spring MD won the biggest prize of $500.00 for the best trick.   There was an awesome line up of sponsors with all types of giveaways for the contestants. Skate Girls Tribe offered sPACYcLOUd merchandise.


The girls were happy to be able to participate in a skating contest for skaters of all ages and genders. It could have been daunting to show up at a male dominated venue but the organizer of the event, Eamonn Bourke, created a separate mini contest for girls. This helped the girls get over their initial shyness and do what they came to do – SKATE!!! Ekaterina Nekrasova and Angelina Lauriano were the first girls to show their skills. As the event went another girl joined in. The girls skated for 15-20 minutes and had way too much fun. What the girls found was that there were many boys who supported girl’s skaters at the event. All girls were given prizes from sPACYcLOUd. Overall, the day was a success. We hopes that girls will continue to show out!

Skate Girls Tribe

Skate, Peace, and Love!



Skateistan Awareness Part I Old City Farm | June 23 | Washington DC

Skateistan Awareness Part I – exclusive review by Diego Zazueta


I started the day by helping unload the equipment from the car. It was 2:00 in the afternoon and it was pretty hot. I primed the walls in preparation for the little artists. Peter from Albus Cavus outlined birds and flowers to make it easier for kids to start their artistic journey.

DSC_0066-1Exactly at 6pm we opened the gate and greeted our first guests. We had two ladies at the gate.  I offered them drinks and we all set in the shade to enjoy the nice afternoon breeze. After a few minutes Tati told me that the two women I was sitting with were world famous and pioneer female skaters Di Dotson and Patti McGee! I was completely blown away. Tati handed me a card that had an old cover of LIFE magazine from 1965 with a girl doing a hand stand on a skateboard. It was Patti McGee! I asked Patti if she would sign it for me and she did it happily!

Patti McGill

As more and more guests arrived the place began to glow with activity. Most of us were sat at the table area chatting and socializing.DSC_0151-1smaller As the sun went down and the day cooled off the fireflies came out to play with us. Around that time Bryan Ridgeway, who is responsible for bringing Skateistan to the US,  joined us in the festivities. It was such an honor to see Bryan at our event.

DJ Mate Masie

DJ Mate Masie from Urban Artistry was throwing perfect tunes for the occasion. Several people did break dancing. sPACYcLOUd gave away raffle prizes. After dark we moved to the lower level to watch the documentary: Skateistan. And boy was it interesting! It was an eye opening experience. It showed us a snick pick into the life of kids in Afghanistan and what they have to go through to get to school or work. Skating took their minds off of the hardships of daily life.  Through skateboarding kids made new friends. Skating tied everybody together. Boys and girls, different religions, and different nationalities all came together to skate in peace and harmony.  Skateistan is a good example for all of us. We do not need much to create a peaceful and happy community. It takes work but it is very rewarding at the end.


After the movie Bryan presented Tati with a signed copy of the Skateistan book.

Bryan Ridgeway

It was a long and hot day but it was totally worth it. I had such a great time meeting new people and hanging out with old friends. I hope that we do another event like this soon. Till then, keep dreaming the good dream and always remember to follow your heart. It will always lead you in the right direction. Peace.


Skate Girls Tribe will be part of Go Skateboarding Day in DC on June 21!!!


The first day of summer in Washington D.C. heralds the event of National Skateboarding Day celebrating the pure exhilaration, creativity, and spirit of one of the most influential activities of not only local, but global youth.  While skateboarding, invented in the 50s by surfers (wanting to ride the hills and valleys of the streets) is traditionally thought of as being typically male, there is no doubt a titanic rise of girls and women riding the crest of this empowering sport.

Bridge Spot in SE DC

Bridge Spot in SE DC

On June 21st, 2013 is the 10th anniversary of Go Skateboarding Day in DC and Skate Girls Tribe will be proactively participating.  While plenty of dudes will be grabbing their gear and backpacks for the event, we are calling out all dude-ettes whom show equal enthusiasm, athletic finesse and grace in their pursuit of the almost Zen experience of being in motion and defying conventions in celebration of freedom and youthful rebellion.

Our Tribe

Skate Girls Tribe’s point?  Girls can hold their own!  We have seen this phenomenon of female athletic prowess not only locally in DC and other metropolitan areas, but internationally in places as war torn and remote as Afghanistan.  The fact is skateboarding builds confidence, creativity, and a global spirit of not only girl empowerment, but unites and helps shape a vision of peace through the freedom of athletic and artistic expression

Skate Girls Tribe

Skate Girls Tribe, a DC based group, is sounding the summit, heralding the call to all girls out there to join the movement.  Join us for the event to reclaim the cause, show support for peaceful rebellion through an innocent activity, and hit the streets with exuberance, celebration, and girl power!

We start at Palace 5ive at Noon on the first day of Summer!


Hosted by New Beginnings Youth Development & Coaching Program and Tavon Mason Love The Kids Foundation with support from sPACYcLOUd and Skate Girls Tribe!

Hosted by New Beginnings Youth Development & Coaching Program and Tavon Mason Love The Kids Foundation with support from sPACYcLOUd and Skate Girls Tribe!

Tavon Mason Foundation

Please join us in Baltimore, May 31 6-9pm at the CHCC Community Center 3220-A. Our mission is to help the youth and families of Baltimore. There will be food and tons of games. The event is open to everyone. Let’s unite, have fun, and remind ourselves what family is all about.

sPACYcLOUd will provide skateboards and safety equipment. Skate Girls Tribe will bring its spirit and energy.


What a glorious Sunday! Families, friends and kids of all ages came out to enjoy the beautiful spring day in Garfield Park aka Bridge Spot.

What a glorious Sunday!  Families, friends and kids of all ages came out to enjoy the beautiful spring day in Garfield Park aka Bridge Spot.
Our Tribe

Spectators sat on the sunny side of the hill as skaters cruised around the park hitting ramps and practicing rail slides.   House beats filled the air while a dance circle formed and one by one local youths sauntered into the middle to show off their moves.  Fresh paint faintly graced the senses as walls were white washed and new creations began to form including a starry night on the beach, a goose laying a heart with wings, and my favorite, a beautiful day of the dead woman between the words “Soul Society” tucked into an alcove.  Paints, brushes, palates and a large wooden canvas were set up at the entrance for all to explore and express their inner artist and add to the day’s creations.


sPACYcLOUd and Skate Girls Tribe (SGT) provided equipment and skate decks to local youths, who customized their boards using spray paint (while wearing awesome gas masks!), stencils, brushes, and their own creative minds.  The DC Roller Girls brought another skating element to the park and raised awareness for their upcoming events.  Our sponsors, Churchill MFG, Roll Skate Shop, were instrumental in making this day a success and we thank them dearly.

Be bold. Be awesome. Be you!
Until next time, this is Andi Cook, SGT and sPACYcLOUd team member, signing off.

Skate Girls Tribe is joining Tavon Mason at the House of New Beginnings and Tavon Mason Loves the Kids Foundation

Skate Girls Tribe is coming to Baltimore, MD, to be part of the House of New Beginnings and Tavon Mason Loves the Kids Foundation on Friday, May 31st, 2013.

Digital Flyer (1)

We are very thrilled to be part of the Baltimore Community “Family Game Night” 2013.  Skate Girls Tribe will bring decks for kids. We will have prizes and good times for all.

Time: 6pm – 9pm

Location: CHMCC Community Center


Calling ALL DMV Skaters!

Calling ALL Skaters!!!
May 12th @ Bridge Spot at Noon!
Show off your skills. Selected skaters will be invited to demo at Skate of The Union (SOTU) on June 22nd.
SOTU will have prizes, sponsors, and world wide media coverage.
We heard that THF will be in town. This is a rare opportunity to showcase your skills.