Fine Lines Mural Jam by Ekaterina Nekrasova, 6th grader

                       Fine Lines Mural Jam

          On Sunday, April 6th, Skate Girls Tribe was part of the art pavilion at Fine Lines Mural Jam along with Little Friends for Peace, Albus Cavus, and DC Bow Bows.  It was a beautiful Sunday.  The event was hosted by Words Beats & Life and HiArts and sponsored by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.  The jam was produced in collaboration with The Fridge and Albus Cavus. 


           The event started at 11am with some artists arriving as early as 7am. There were over 70 graffiti artists painting on a 990-foot long wall.  Artists came from all over the United States.  Everyone was nice and worked together. It was a great sense of community. 

 Hippie Jump

            Skate Girls Tribe held limbo, skateboarding limbo, game of S.K.A.T.E., and Hippie Jump contests. Out of all of them, the Hippie jump was the hardest.


         Even though it was hard, everyone had a great time. Many of the kids played skateboarding limbo contest in which players had to get under the pole on a skateboard  or longboard.


     As the pole came closer to the ground, it got harder and harder, until we got a winner! Everyone enjoyed all of the contests.

1 st place winnerDSC_0059-1

First place winners got prizes. Everyone had fun trying to beat each other at all of these contests! There were lots of kids at the event that ran around and skated together.



            There was a music area hosted by Ron dj’Rbi Brown.

Open mike performers

         Many local HIP HOP artists came to participate.  Everyone had tons of fun.  Random kids sang and we all danced. At about 4:00 pm, everyone grouped up to listen to singers perform. Pokah Havoc, Lee, Anwar, Doe Vicious and several other MCs made the crowd move, dance, and clap. They were amazing!


          At the art pavilion, Little Friends for Peace, Albus Cavus, DC Bow Bows and Skate Girls Tribe sponsored by sPACYcLOUd provided kids with all kinds of activities.

DC Bow Bows

         Kids were painting the wall right next to the graffiti artists. Other kids got their faces painted.

Tribal Face Painting

        DC Bow Bows provided diy kits for kids to make their own bows. There was lots of paint, balloons, and games.  There were lots of kids everywhere having fun.

       After all it was all about LOVE & PEACE.

Skate Girls Tribe Team



What a glorious Sunday! Families, friends and kids of all ages came out to enjoy the beautiful spring day in Garfield Park aka Bridge Spot.

What a glorious Sunday!  Families, friends and kids of all ages came out to enjoy the beautiful spring day in Garfield Park aka Bridge Spot.
Our Tribe

Spectators sat on the sunny side of the hill as skaters cruised around the park hitting ramps and practicing rail slides.   House beats filled the air while a dance circle formed and one by one local youths sauntered into the middle to show off their moves.  Fresh paint faintly graced the senses as walls were white washed and new creations began to form including a starry night on the beach, a goose laying a heart with wings, and my favorite, a beautiful day of the dead woman between the words “Soul Society” tucked into an alcove.  Paints, brushes, palates and a large wooden canvas were set up at the entrance for all to explore and express their inner artist and add to the day’s creations.


sPACYcLOUd and Skate Girls Tribe (SGT) provided equipment and skate decks to local youths, who customized their boards using spray paint (while wearing awesome gas masks!), stencils, brushes, and their own creative minds.  The DC Roller Girls brought another skating element to the park and raised awareness for their upcoming events.  Our sponsors, Churchill MFG, Roll Skate Shop, were instrumental in making this day a success and we thank them dearly.

Be bold. Be awesome. Be you!
Until next time, this is Andi Cook, SGT and sPACYcLOUd team member, signing off.