It is Christamas!!! By Ekaterina Nekrasova, 6th grader


On Tuesday, December 24th, Skate Girls Tribe met up for a pre-Christmas meeting/party. People started coming in at 11:30 AM. As  we waited for the other people to arrive, we colored in printed out drawings.

Skate Girls Tribe XMas party

Once everyone came, we moved on to the main project, warrior armor. We got inspired by modern-day “warriors”, like Katniss from the Hunger Games. Some people made turtle shells, others made crowns and jewelry.

Later, we ordered pizza and had lunch.

We invented new game and called it "Tangerines on strings"

Afterward, we played a game in which we had to eat one clementine that was hanging on a string. (without using our hands) The victors were given the advantage of picking their presents first in the gift exchange.

Gift exchange

After the gift exchange, we all went outside to longboard. Some girls already knew how to longboard and some did it for the first time. We helped and supported each other. The party was a great success, and everyone had a lot of fun. 

Skate Girls Tribe Xmas Party

Thank you to everyone who came, thank you to Zoe who helped to organize the party, and thank you for the wonderful gifts. You all rock!


Nothing could have stopped us from having a good time. Not even government shutdown. By Ekaterina Nekrasova, 6th grader


The Skate Girls tribe team agreed to meet on Sunday at Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC. With a car full of people and longboards, we drove in excitement to the park and were disappointed when we saw blocked roads. We drove around for a little more and found a parking spot. All of a sudden, the park police came and made everybody leave the parking spot. At the same time, our fellow longboarders reported the same problem. We had to drive far away to find parking. People joined us as they found parking too.

Skate Girls Tribe
The park was full of bikers, roller bladders, hikers, and many more people. All living and breathing organisms were there. They did not stop living, even after the government shutdown. After a long week of school, work, and every day chores, we had the right to have fun. Nothing could stop us!

Skate Girls TribeSkate Girls Tribe
It was a very exhilarating ride down the hills at Rock Creek Park. Its oldest and largest trees top five-hundred years old. No wonder everybody is happy and content at this park. We met other people that were interested to join our tribe, and we welcomed them warmly. It was great to know that other people in DC wanted to longboard with us.

Skate Girls Tribe

After longboarding we went to the Meridian Hill Park in DC. Each Sunday people gather at the park to enjoy life, do meditation, play sports, and dance. As soon as we got to the park, we went to the drum circles. The vibe was amazing, with the people dancing and jumping to the rhythmic thumping of the drums. The autumn leaves, the light wind, and the sun coming through the trees made us feel as if we were in paradise. Everyone was happy. Then, people started noticing a big poster that said , “The park is closed because of the government shutdown.” Really? Do we need the government’s permission to have fun and celebrate life? Apparently so. We stayed at the park until the police arrived. Nothing could have stopped us from having a good time and enjoying our selves.


Join our tribe and stay tuned for the upcoming events at www.skategirlstribe.com. ~ Ekaterina Nekrasova


What is Skate Girls Tribe to Me?

Skate Girls Tribe

What is Skate Girls Tribe to me? Skate Girls Tribe is a group of people of all ages and genders, from different backgrounds with different skill levels that come together to spread love and peace through action sports and art. Our goal is to empower people and make them feel part of a community. The Tribe was created by street and action sportswear company, sPACYcLOUd, with philanthropic objectives. Our goal is to empower young women to become confident and independent, to simply have fun and lift each other up. Although the Tribe was created with girls and women in mind because we are so often underrepresented, the Tribe excludes no one, regardless of age, gender, and skill level. We want to share our love for skateboarding, longboarding, archery, art, and many other activities with the community and bring people together.

Skate Girls Tribe

Since being a member of the Tribe, I have had the opportunity to participate in philanthropic activities that benefit children in third world countries by donating my artwork and my time. The proceeds from these events have gone to Skatistan, an organization in Afghanistan that brings skateboarding, as well as healthcare and education to impoverished children. It is an honor to be a part of the Tribe and know that I can make a difference. My daughters have both gained confidence and shared many smiles and laughs at Skate Girls Tribe events. I have shared these smiles as well. Would you like to join us in laughter and love? All you need to be a member is an open heart and an open mind.


katangelinaPeace, Love, Skate Girls Tribe

Amy Louise Lauriano


Skate Girls Tribe Longboarding on WO&D Canal

Skate Girls Tribe Longboarding Adventure

We met at Reston Town Center and were confronted by police. Guess what!?! “Skating is not allowed at the center”. Really? Just kidding. 🙂 We knew that. We were polite and played by the rules. To kill time while waiting for everyone to show up, Kat, Amy, and Mat had a mini competition in arm wrestling. Of course, Kat defeated everyone. Not!


Once everyone was there we walked to the WO&D Canal which was only two minutes away. We headed east toward Washington DC. The route had a very smooth pavement. The view was amazing with trees, grass, and flowers. We hit couple of small hills and had fun riding it in style.

longboardingmatt ridingdown

Everyone enjoyed the ride. We are planning more events especially now that Autumn with its fresh breeze and beautiful colors is knocking on our door. Stay tuned.

Skate Girls Tribe



Hot July – sPACYcLOUd and Skate Girls Tribe joined Vans Warped Tour 2013!

Hot July – sPACYcLOUd and Skate Girls Tribe joined Vans Warped Tour 2013 – exclusive review by Katherine Krakhmal and Tatiana Kolina

The first part of July has been really busy for sPACYcLOUd and Skate Girls Tribe. It was our first time ever at Vans Warped Tour 2013! We had been waiting impatiently for this event since January 2013. We were thrilled!

Vans Warped Tour 2013


sPACYcLOUd created an exclusive collection of jackets for Concrete Wave Magazine, Longboarding For Peace, and Vans Warped Tour 2013. Our jackets got good reviews and we were invited to be part of Concrete Wave and Longboarding For Peace booth at Vans Warped Tour. Our goal was to raise awareness about numerous non-profit organizations at the Warped Tour, promote Concrete Wave Magazine, Longboarding For Peace, sPACYcLOUd, Skate Girls Tribe, SHRALPER’S UNION, peace and philanthropy.

sPACYcLOUd at Vans Warped Tour3-1  sPACYcLOUd

In case you did not know, Longboarding For Peace movement started by Concrete Wave publisher, Michael Brooke. It was originally set in British Columbia to work with first Nations youth. The movement expanded to Israel and the Palestinian territories with a goal to bring Israeli and Arabs together using longboarding. It helps getting youth on longobards, teaches kids safety, and promotes peace.

“Longboarding for Peace is a MOVEment forward. We encourage and empower people to step on, step up and make things happen. We want people to either: a)increase the amount of joy and happiness OR b) decrease the amount of pain and  suffering. Our goal is build a “peace army” of 50,000 people from around the world. We want them participating in either of these acts at least once per day. This will generate  18,250,000 acts PER YEAR…” – Longboarding for Peace mantra

Longboarding for Peace

sPACYcLOUd and Skate Girls Tribe team also had an honor to work with Noel Korman from Shralper’s Union. Noel was part of Silver Comet Skate Challenge and rode 188 miles from Georgia to Alabama in three days on a longboard! Read an article about Noel Korman called Chief Ladiga (pg. 98) at Concrete Wave Magazine Summer 2013.

Part of our mission was to encorage kids to visit different non-profit booths and get stamps in the Concrete Wave Magazine Passport. In return kids had a chance to win all kinds of cool prizes such as shirts, stickers, pins, longboards, limited edition watches, and even sPACYcLOUd jackets. We had many excited prize winners.

Girl Is Not 4 Letter Word sPACYcLOUd jacket winnersPACYcLOUd

With Vans Warped Tour 2013 we stopped in Virginia Beach, Uniondale in NY, and Merriweather Post Pavilion in MD. Originally launched in 1995 with a lineup that was predominantly punk, the tour has expanded to include a variety of pop and hip hop acts. This year the line up included Never Shoot Never, The Summer Set, Go Radio, Action Item, Goldhouse, Itch, Citizen, and many others. Excitement was all over the place. Kids lined up at the gate one hour before the opening and waited impatiently to literally run toward the stage.

sPACYcLOUd at Vans Warped Tour

Please remember to check out the Concrete Wave Magazine Summer 2013. sPACYcLOUd jackets are mentioned on page 97.



Thank you to Michael Brooke and his team for making this happen. This was an unforgettable experience! We got such a great feedback about our jackets and can’t wait to collaborate again with Concrete Wave and Longboarding for Peace in the future.


sPACYcLOUd at Concrete WaveStay tuned.