The Late Shift: Freestyle

Skate Girls Tribe

If you’re near the Alexandria area of Virginia, sPACYcLoud and Skate Girls Tribe have a must-attend event for you to see this Friday, June 30th.

Part skate park, part secret pop up art show, Late Shift: Freestyle opens its doors to the rebels, the misfits, and the crazy ones. To those who see things differently and those who push the human race forward. We’ll be repping this philosophy at the event, because it’s our shared philosophy!

The details are super rad: experience a late-night art happening along the riverfront and in the Torpedo Factory. Founded in 1974 in an old munitions plant, the Torpedo Factory Art Center is home to the nation’s largest collection of working-artists’ open studios under one roof. That’s cool enough as it is, but it also has an indoor skate park! Skate Girls Tribe is ready to blow it up (pun intended)!

Pro skateboarder Natalie Krishna Das repp'n sPACYcLOUd at the Kennedy Center

Pro skateboarder Natalie Krishna Das repp’n sPACYcLOUd at the Kennedy Center

Event includes:

– Indoor skate park at the Torpedo Factory

– DJ set by Sharkey

sPACYcLOUd & Skate Girls Tribe will be in the house!

– Poetry Slam

– Beer, wine, sandwiches, and bronut ice cream sandwiches with EatsPlace

– Photo booth

– Torpedo Row artist market

– DIY artmaking and much more

About sPACYcLOUD: sPACYcLOUd is the manifestation of a revolutionary spirit always pushing people to be liberated from social constraints through expressions of love, peace and creativity.  Our competition follows trends. We follow our vision and philosophy.

About Skate Girls Tribe: SGT invites girls of all ages & all abilities to come together and skate with other girls in a big fun group. Skate Girls Tribe was created in Washington DC to empower young women through action sports.  We hold monthly events to celebrate life, art, culture, education, and fun via skateboarding and longboarding. We also organize surfing and snowboarding camps.

Skate Girls Tribe promotes confidence and assertiveness, individuality and creativity, strength and dignity, all gathered together with a love for action sports. With a vigorous setting of play and sociality, SGT nurtures and sustains these values and goals. With such virtues in place, we believe that healthy and responsible choices will be made later in girls’ lives.

– There are several open spots for artists to be part of poetry slam if anyone is interested.