Back To School Girls Only Skate Jam

On September 10, 2017, Skate Girls Tribe organized a skateboarding contest at Lake Fairfax Skatepark in Virginia. Many girl shredders from the DMV area signed up for the contest. Prizes were provided by Vans and sPACYcLOUd and included snapbacks, sneakers, shades, stickers, wallets, bandannas, and string bags.

Skate Girls Tribe

With its central mission to inspire women in action sports, Skate Girls Tribe is honored to bring Girls Only skateboard jam and the creative culture of skateboarding to DMV.
Photo 11-09-2017, 4 36 37 PM

Winners of the contests:

1st Mia Charles
2nd Pia Saclauso
3rd Sidney Ramos

Bowl Contest:
1st Alexis Williams,
2nd Mia Charles
3rd Pia Saclauso

Game of Skate:
1st Mia Charles
2nd Sidney Ramos
3rd Alexis Williams

Skate Girls Tribe

We are proud and inspired by all girls shredders who participated at the event. Thanks for making the Back To School Girls Only Skate Jam awesome!

Skate Girls Tribe

S/O to Castle IX, a media and music production team, for hosting the event. They helped with judging the contests and kept our ladies energized with fresh tunes.
Photo 10-09-2017, 4 05 19 PM

Thanks to Vans for providing awesome prizes.


Thanks to sPACYcLOUd for sponsoring and organizing the event and providing prizes.




Fine Lines Mural Jam by Natalie Krishna Das

Words Beats & Life has partnered with HiArts and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to host a daylong mural jam featuring the work of up to 75 artists on a 990-foot wall.

This even is part of One Mic: Hip-Hop Culture Worldwide.  Jam out with Ron dj’Rbi Brown along with several other DJs throughout the day.

 This jam is produced in collaboration with The Fridge and Albus Cavus.

Arts Pavilion at Fine Lines Mural Jam will include:

  1. Skate Girls Tribe sponsored by sPACYcLOUd will be hosting a LIMBO & HIPPIE JUMP SKATE CONTEST, grip tape spray painting with stencils, and Native American tribal face painting.
  2. Little Friends for Peace will have a game area with a giant parachute and activities.
  3. Albus Cavus will have art supplies and the wall for kids to paint on.  
  4. DC Bow Bows will have a bike cart and handing out free diy bow making kits.  There will be chalk and face painting.  

Check out more on Words Beats & Life here. http://wblinc.org

https://vimeo.com/80406917 (video on Words Beats & Life)