Ron Allen

Legendary Ron Allen will be in Washington DC this Saturday, September 13.

Ron will be holding a contest for kids in Washington DC at the Shaw skatepark at 3pm.

There will be lots of prizes and giveaways.

Skate Girls Tribe will be there.

Sponsored by sPACYcLOUd.

Hope to see more ladies come out!


Ron Allen


Imagine “Living Life in Peace” with Mattie Stepanek by Ekaterina Nekrasova, 6th grader


Mattie Stepanek was an American Poet who published six books of “Heartsongs” poetry and one book of “Just Peace” essays. All of his books reached The New York Times bestsellers list. He became a peace advocate and motivational speaker, and lobbied on Capitol Hill on behalf of peace, people with disabilities, and children with life-threatening conditions. Unfortunately, Mattie passed away before his 14th birthday.  


Mattie’s life was short but he motivated and inspired people from around the world. That is why Skate Girls Tribe decided to host a small get together at Mattie JT Stepanek Memorial park. 


It was a beautiful day, not too hot or cold, with a gentle breeze.  We invited some of the kids at the park to do a limbo contest with us and gave away the prizes.

sPACYcLOUd prizes

We skated around on the smooth roads, played on the playground, and threw a frisbee on the field.  Everyone had a great time!  We love Mattie’s park because it is so peaceful and Mattie’s energy is felt through the park.


Peace, Ekaterina Nekrasova


Fine Lines Mural Jam by Ekaterina Nekrasova, 6th grader

                       Fine Lines Mural Jam

          On Sunday, April 6th, Skate Girls Tribe was part of the art pavilion at Fine Lines Mural Jam along with Little Friends for Peace, Albus Cavus, and DC Bow Bows.  It was a beautiful Sunday.  The event was hosted by Words Beats & Life and HiArts and sponsored by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.  The jam was produced in collaboration with The Fridge and Albus Cavus. 


           The event started at 11am with some artists arriving as early as 7am. There were over 70 graffiti artists painting on a 990-foot long wall.  Artists came from all over the United States.  Everyone was nice and worked together. It was a great sense of community. 

 Hippie Jump

            Skate Girls Tribe held limbo, skateboarding limbo, game of S.K.A.T.E., and Hippie Jump contests. Out of all of them, the Hippie jump was the hardest.


         Even though it was hard, everyone had a great time. Many of the kids played skateboarding limbo contest in which players had to get under the pole on a skateboard  or longboard.


     As the pole came closer to the ground, it got harder and harder, until we got a winner! Everyone enjoyed all of the contests.

1 st place winnerDSC_0059-1

First place winners got prizes. Everyone had fun trying to beat each other at all of these contests! There were lots of kids at the event that ran around and skated together.



            There was a music area hosted by Ron dj’Rbi Brown.

Open mike performers

         Many local HIP HOP artists came to participate.  Everyone had tons of fun.  Random kids sang and we all danced. At about 4:00 pm, everyone grouped up to listen to singers perform. Pokah Havoc, Lee, Anwar, Doe Vicious and several other MCs made the crowd move, dance, and clap. They were amazing!


          At the art pavilion, Little Friends for Peace, Albus Cavus, DC Bow Bows and Skate Girls Tribe sponsored by sPACYcLOUd provided kids with all kinds of activities.

DC Bow Bows

         Kids were painting the wall right next to the graffiti artists. Other kids got their faces painted.

Tribal Face Painting

        DC Bow Bows provided diy kits for kids to make their own bows. There was lots of paint, balloons, and games.  There were lots of kids everywhere having fun.

       After all it was all about LOVE & PEACE.

Skate Girls Tribe Team



Fine Lines Mural Jam by Natalie Krishna Das

Words Beats & Life has partnered with HiArts and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to host a daylong mural jam featuring the work of up to 75 artists on a 990-foot wall.

This even is part of One Mic: Hip-Hop Culture Worldwide.  Jam out with Ron dj’Rbi Brown along with several other DJs throughout the day.

 This jam is produced in collaboration with The Fridge and Albus Cavus.

Arts Pavilion at Fine Lines Mural Jam will include:

  1. Skate Girls Tribe sponsored by sPACYcLOUd will be hosting a LIMBO & HIPPIE JUMP SKATE CONTEST, grip tape spray painting with stencils, and Native American tribal face painting.
  2. Little Friends for Peace will have a game area with a giant parachute and activities.
  3. Albus Cavus will have art supplies and the wall for kids to paint on.  
  4. DC Bow Bows will have a bike cart and handing out free diy bow making kits.  There will be chalk and face painting.  

Check out more on Words Beats & Life here. http://wblinc.org

https://vimeo.com/80406917 (video on Words Beats & Life)




sPACYcLOUd Invites All Girls All Ages All Abilities to Skate With Pro Skater Natalie Krishna Das and Skate Girls Tribe at Charm City in Baltimore MD on Feb 3rd.!

sPACYcLOUd is inviting all girls all ages all abilities to skate at Charm City in Baltimore!

West meets East

Natalie Krishna Das was born in Los Angeles but currently lives in Arizona. Natalie has been skateboarding since 1998. She became a professional skateboarder in 2009. Some of her sponsors include: BOOM Electronics, Silly Girl Skateboards, NIXON, Falling Whistles, State Bicycle Co., ZOX Straps, Starr Skates, Navigator Trucks, and Deville Wheels/ Longboards. She has been on the front page of Concrete Wave magazine, competed in many skateboarding events around the World, and on a constant lookout for new adventures and opportunities.

Concrete Wave Magazine

Concrete Wave Magazine

Natalie is a free spirit, full of positive energy, creative and with a big heart. We are so honored to have her in DMV on Feb 2-5. In addition to the skate session at Charmcity Skate Park on February 3rd, you might see Natalie skating at the Bridge Spot in DC and Powhatan Park Arlington VA.

If you see Natalie, please stop and give her a very warm welcome. 🙂



Skate Girls Tribe Longboarding on WO&D Canal

Skate Girls Tribe Longboarding Adventure

We met at Reston Town Center and were confronted by police. Guess what!?! “Skating is not allowed at the center”. Really? Just kidding. 🙂 We knew that. We were polite and played by the rules. To kill time while waiting for everyone to show up, Kat, Amy, and Mat had a mini competition in arm wrestling. Of course, Kat defeated everyone. Not!


Once everyone was there we walked to the WO&D Canal which was only two minutes away. We headed east toward Washington DC. The route had a very smooth pavement. The view was amazing with trees, grass, and flowers. We hit couple of small hills and had fun riding it in style.

longboardingmatt ridingdown

Everyone enjoyed the ride. We are planning more events especially now that Autumn with its fresh breeze and beautiful colors is knocking on our door. Stay tuned.

Skate Girls Tribe



Skate Girls Tribe at the A-Frame Challenge!!!

Skate Girls Tribe at the A-Frame Challenge – review by Tatiana Kolina

Skate Girls Tribe

Skate Girls Tribe joined other skaters at the A-Frame Challenge organized by Convoy Skateboarding and Alpine Skate Shop. The A-Frame Challenge skateboarding contest tested skills of the best skaters that the Washington DC area has to offer. The jam contest had 50 skaters pit against each other, for a 30 minute battle of grinds, gaps, flip tricks, rails and ledges. It was the first contest of its kind at Lake Fairfax Skate park.


Yoshi Tanenbaum

The top three tricks performed on the A-frame within the time allotted would win the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize. Yoshi Tanenbaum from Silver Spring MD won the biggest prize of $500.00 for the best trick.   There was an awesome line up of sponsors with all types of giveaways for the contestants. Skate Girls Tribe offered sPACYcLOUd merchandise.


The girls were happy to be able to participate in a skating contest for skaters of all ages and genders. It could have been daunting to show up at a male dominated venue but the organizer of the event, Eamonn Bourke, created a separate mini contest for girls. This helped the girls get over their initial shyness and do what they came to do – SKATE!!! Ekaterina Nekrasova and Angelina Lauriano were the first girls to show their skills. As the event went another girl joined in. The girls skated for 15-20 minutes and had way too much fun. What the girls found was that there were many boys who supported girl’s skaters at the event. All girls were given prizes from sPACYcLOUd. Overall, the day was a success. We hopes that girls will continue to show out!

Skate Girls Tribe

Skate, Peace, and Love!



Hot July – sPACYcLOUd and Skate Girls Tribe joined Vans Warped Tour 2013!

Hot July – sPACYcLOUd and Skate Girls Tribe joined Vans Warped Tour 2013 – exclusive review by Katherine Krakhmal and Tatiana Kolina

The first part of July has been really busy for sPACYcLOUd and Skate Girls Tribe. It was our first time ever at Vans Warped Tour 2013! We had been waiting impatiently for this event since January 2013. We were thrilled!

Vans Warped Tour 2013


sPACYcLOUd created an exclusive collection of jackets for Concrete Wave Magazine, Longboarding For Peace, and Vans Warped Tour 2013. Our jackets got good reviews and we were invited to be part of Concrete Wave and Longboarding For Peace booth at Vans Warped Tour. Our goal was to raise awareness about numerous non-profit organizations at the Warped Tour, promote Concrete Wave Magazine, Longboarding For Peace, sPACYcLOUd, Skate Girls Tribe, SHRALPER’S UNION, peace and philanthropy.

sPACYcLOUd at Vans Warped Tour3-1  sPACYcLOUd

In case you did not know, Longboarding For Peace movement started by Concrete Wave publisher, Michael Brooke. It was originally set in British Columbia to work with first Nations youth. The movement expanded to Israel and the Palestinian territories with a goal to bring Israeli and Arabs together using longboarding. It helps getting youth on longobards, teaches kids safety, and promotes peace.

“Longboarding for Peace is a MOVEment forward. We encourage and empower people to step on, step up and make things happen. We want people to either: a)increase the amount of joy and happiness OR b) decrease the amount of pain and  suffering. Our goal is build a “peace army” of 50,000 people from around the world. We want them participating in either of these acts at least once per day. This will generate  18,250,000 acts PER YEAR…” – Longboarding for Peace mantra

Longboarding for Peace

sPACYcLOUd and Skate Girls Tribe team also had an honor to work with Noel Korman from Shralper’s Union. Noel was part of Silver Comet Skate Challenge and rode 188 miles from Georgia to Alabama in three days on a longboard! Read an article about Noel Korman called Chief Ladiga (pg. 98) at Concrete Wave Magazine Summer 2013.

Part of our mission was to encorage kids to visit different non-profit booths and get stamps in the Concrete Wave Magazine Passport. In return kids had a chance to win all kinds of cool prizes such as shirts, stickers, pins, longboards, limited edition watches, and even sPACYcLOUd jackets. We had many excited prize winners.

Girl Is Not 4 Letter Word sPACYcLOUd jacket winnersPACYcLOUd

With Vans Warped Tour 2013 we stopped in Virginia Beach, Uniondale in NY, and Merriweather Post Pavilion in MD. Originally launched in 1995 with a lineup that was predominantly punk, the tour has expanded to include a variety of pop and hip hop acts. This year the line up included Never Shoot Never, The Summer Set, Go Radio, Action Item, Goldhouse, Itch, Citizen, and many others. Excitement was all over the place. Kids lined up at the gate one hour before the opening and waited impatiently to literally run toward the stage.

sPACYcLOUd at Vans Warped Tour

Please remember to check out the Concrete Wave Magazine Summer 2013. sPACYcLOUd jackets are mentioned on page 97.



Thank you to Michael Brooke and his team for making this happen. This was an unforgettable experience! We got such a great feedback about our jackets and can’t wait to collaborate again with Concrete Wave and Longboarding for Peace in the future.


sPACYcLOUd at Concrete WaveStay tuned.


Skateistan Awareness Part I Old City Farm | June 23 | Washington DC

Skateistan Awareness Part I – exclusive review by Diego Zazueta


I started the day by helping unload the equipment from the car. It was 2:00 in the afternoon and it was pretty hot. I primed the walls in preparation for the little artists. Peter from Albus Cavus outlined birds and flowers to make it easier for kids to start their artistic journey.

DSC_0066-1Exactly at 6pm we opened the gate and greeted our first guests. We had two ladies at the gate.  I offered them drinks and we all set in the shade to enjoy the nice afternoon breeze. After a few minutes Tati told me that the two women I was sitting with were world famous and pioneer female skaters Di Dotson and Patti McGee! I was completely blown away. Tati handed me a card that had an old cover of LIFE magazine from 1965 with a girl doing a hand stand on a skateboard. It was Patti McGee! I asked Patti if she would sign it for me and she did it happily!

Patti McGill

As more and more guests arrived the place began to glow with activity. Most of us were sat at the table area chatting and socializing.DSC_0151-1smaller As the sun went down and the day cooled off the fireflies came out to play with us. Around that time Bryan Ridgeway, who is responsible for bringing Skateistan to the US,  joined us in the festivities. It was such an honor to see Bryan at our event.

DJ Mate Masie

DJ Mate Masie from Urban Artistry was throwing perfect tunes for the occasion. Several people did break dancing. sPACYcLOUd gave away raffle prizes. After dark we moved to the lower level to watch the documentary: Skateistan. And boy was it interesting! It was an eye opening experience. It showed us a snick pick into the life of kids in Afghanistan and what they have to go through to get to school or work. Skating took their minds off of the hardships of daily life.  Through skateboarding kids made new friends. Skating tied everybody together. Boys and girls, different religions, and different nationalities all came together to skate in peace and harmony.  Skateistan is a good example for all of us. We do not need much to create a peaceful and happy community. It takes work but it is very rewarding at the end.


After the movie Bryan presented Tati with a signed copy of the Skateistan book.

Bryan Ridgeway

It was a long and hot day but it was totally worth it. I had such a great time meeting new people and hanging out with old friends. I hope that we do another event like this soon. Till then, keep dreaming the good dream and always remember to follow your heart. It will always lead you in the right direction. Peace.


Hosted by New Beginnings Youth Development & Coaching Program and Tavon Mason Love The Kids Foundation with support from sPACYcLOUd and Skate Girls Tribe!

Hosted by New Beginnings Youth Development & Coaching Program and Tavon Mason Love The Kids Foundation with support from sPACYcLOUd and Skate Girls Tribe!

Tavon Mason Foundation

Please join us in Baltimore, May 31 6-9pm at the CHCC Community Center 3220-A. Our mission is to help the youth and families of Baltimore. There will be food and tons of games. The event is open to everyone. Let’s unite, have fun, and remind ourselves what family is all about.

sPACYcLOUd will provide skateboards and safety equipment. Skate Girls Tribe will bring its spirit and energy.